Reasons why warehouses use cages

Reasons why warehouses use cages

In any warehouse or distribution centre, it is critical to prevent injuries to staff or visitors, as well as protecting equipment and ensuring the security of valuable stock. When it comes to the shipping and receiving area, security is often overlooked. Most big operations don’t have time to monitor visitors, service providers, delivery drivers and strangers who may enter the warehouse unnoticed. With the installation of cages, areas in your warehouse can be separated and secured, keeping it safe from unwanted guests and decreasing the risk of theft.

Here is a look at three key benefits of using cages in your warehouse.

  1. Monitor and control guest access

Cages, also referred to as man-traps, partitions or dock cages, are an excellent way to allow visitors or drivers into the building without giving them access to the contents of the warehouse. In other words, visitors will enter the building through the door, but will not be able to exit the cage and have access to goods and equipment. This can greatly reduce the risk of theft of injury.

  1. Protects visitors from potentially dangerous machinery.

Cages are a great safety feature. By not allowing visitors to access potentially dangerous areas, they are protected from injuries that may happen at your warehouse.

  1. Cages can be used to secure goods that are stored outside

A great example of this method of caging is your local gas depot or petrol station. The gas bottles are stored in cages because it keeps them safe from would be thieves and it also protects us from flying shrapnel if one of the gas bottles were to explode.

Whatever your need for caging may be, Pacific Steel has the solution.