Mezzanine Flooring as an Alternative

Mezzanine Flooring as an Alternative

What Are Mezzanine Floors?

The definition of mezzanine is the storey between the ground and first floor, being an intermediate floor. This is not considered a floor in a building and there may be only one mezzanine in a space. The International Building Code allows the mezzanine to occupy one third of the space of the floor below, whereas local building codes vary from this standard.

Mezzanine floors are a great opportunity for businesses that may need more space but are not quite ready to relocate to a bigger property. In most cases, businesses are renting the space they are operating from and cannot build extensions. Mezzanine floors become a great value at this stage.

Mezzanine floors can be considered to be floating floors: this is because they are fixed to a wall with high quality steel timber frames, giving them the impression that the floor is floating above the ground.


The Benefits Of Mezzanine Floors

The main benefit and beauty of mezzanine floors is that it creates extra space at a great price. This allows for a new floor in a building avoiding the mess of constructing a new floor. The construction of this type of flooring assists their strength to hold up a floor on their own. This means that the floors are not only used for storage but can be used as extra office space as they are able to support the weight.

Mezzanine Floors are also removable and transferrable, which means if one must relocate to another premises the flooring can be removed and installed in the new space.

In a business’s point of view, relocating to a bigger premises due to growth of the business can be exciting but at the same time challenging. Though you may be limited to the space you currently have, relocating can impact the potential loss of customers. This is when mezzanine flooring assists in expanding your space without moving, thereby reducing costs and keeping your customers.


Structural or Rack?

Structural mezzanine floors are custom designed and create an open floor underneath the mezzanine level. Beams can be specified to carry much larger weight and span more than double the rack supported beams to give it an overall clearer floor space. Rack shelving or structural steel supported mezzanine floors can be designed to suit your specific requirements. Multi-tier installations can be created using both steel platforms and raised storage areas supported by shelving, for additional storage of bulk goods, office space or elevated storerooms. Both styles have pros and cons, so consider carefully when deciding which type of structure to go with!

At Pacific Steel we are custom mezzanine flooring manufacturers and specialise in both structural and rack supported mezzanine floors. Click here to request a quotation for mezzanine flooring solutions.