Mezzanine Floors and Their Advantages

Mezzanine Floors and Their Advantages

advantages are best suited to retail, storage or industrial applications.

What are Mezzanine Floors?

Quite simply, mezzanine floors are platforms that sit between floors and ceilings to form a structurally strong balcony in indoor spaces. This effectively creates a cost effective means of extending floor space for storage and other activities. Those involved in industrial applications can attest to the frequent need for more space, and since building an extension on to the building itself is not always a viable solution, mezzanine floors have an important role to play in many industries.

Cost Effective Extensions

The top advantage to using mezzanine floors is that you won’t need to doll out exorbitant sums of money on altering the structure of your building in order to increase the floor space it can hold. Structural alterations are not only expensive, but can also result in extended downtime which will cost you a lot more money in the long run. Since mezzanine floors can be erected quickly and cheaply, they are an elegant solution to the problems of both space and budget.

Increasing your Floor Space

Retail and industrial applications often require more and more space. It may be for warehousing, you could be between storage cycles, or are simply looking for a cost-effective means of expanding on a more permanent basis without having to make alterations to your facility. In such cases, mezzanine floors are the ideal answer to the problem of space.

A Variety of Uses

Mezzanine floors are not just well suited to factories and storage warehouses, but have a range of applications depending on your ability to make use of them. They could, for instance, form a new area for retail products in shops. They could also be used for elevated stands in showrooms, either as a permanent display or a temporary one. Really, their usage is only limited by your imagination.

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